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October 17, 2000

The United States has many holidays, so it may make you wonder if they are really holidays or a way to boost the economy of the country. The truth is probably a little of both.

The reason there are so many holidays is because there are so many nationalities in the US and they all wish to celebrate their faith, customs, or culture. There are Christian, Jewish, Catholic, and other ethnic holidays.

We also want to show our respect for the people who have made our country the free country it is today. Each holiday sends people to the stores to purchase tokens for each holiday. By purchasing these tokens they are helping to improve the economy. By stimulating the economy they are helping to provide jobs for themselves and others.

Halloween is the end of this month and customers are buying costumes, candy and decorations for the holiday. Purchases can be as low as ninety nine cents or for a large sum of money. The cost isn't important because some of them are trying to be the most decorative or to create the best costume they can.

by Jane Custer - USA, has a BS in Communications and loves writing

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