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July 9, 2000

The US has changed its bills and they now look like play money. The faces on the bills are twice the normal size they were on the old bills. The writing is larger as well. To date the new bills include the five dollar bill and larger denominations. The dollar bill remains the same at this time but will change later.

The US government is trying to get the consumer to use the new dollar coin. The new dollar coin is gold in color and has an Indian woman and her child on one side and an eagle on the back. To date the people are collecting these new dollars and few are in circulation. The US government tried this dollar coin several years ago but it looked so much like a quarter people refused to use it because they got confused when in a rush and used it as a quarter. That is the reason that they are trying it again with a gold color.

If you aren't sure if the new bills you see are authentic or not ask your bank. They will be able to hold them under a machine which will tell them if the threads imbedded in the paper are there to prove it is real or not. Be careful of accepting these new bills because they may not look real when they are or they could be fakes. Take care and have a person who can verify their true value so you don't get stuck with a fake.

by Jane Custer - USA, has a BS in Communications and loves writing

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