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June 17, 2000

Another American holiday is Father's Day. This like Mother's Day is the day you are to let your Father know that you love him and appreciate all he has done for you. This is not a time for flowers but a time for tools, golf items, baseball or football items, hunting equipment, fishing equipment or something to add to their collection or hobby.

It is said that all the holidays in the US were invented to help businesses to make sales. This could be true but it also helps the economy when people purchase gifts for their family members be it a candy bar or an expensive item because thousands of people are buying gifts.

It is for this reason everyone tries to celebrate any holiday. They want to share in the joy of giving because they know that soon a holiday will come and they will receive a gift. So Americans are holiday crazy but also doing everything they can to stimulate the economy.

by Jane Custer - USA, has a BS in Communications and loves writing

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