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March 23, 2000

Most people believe that losing your sight or being blind is the end of the world but in America there are a lot of agencies to help a person with a visual loss or blind.

One of these organizations is a Federal funded program and funds are disbursed by the BLIND ASSOCIATION in your state. This agency helps with training, learning to live independantly, visual aids, pays for eye exams and glasses as well as any type of technical support needed such as magnifiers, and computers that talk and read to you.

The LIBRARY OF CONGRESS provides a talking book machine and books on tape and disk so you can listen to the books. The variety of books is more than you could imagine. They also provide magazines on tapes so you can listen to what is written in them. The talking book machine is yours to use as long as you need it. It is provided to anyone with a disability which prevents them from being able to read a book even if this means they can see but are unable to hold the book physically.

There is a local group that is called the LIONS CLUB who will help purchase glasses for those financially unable to purchase them theirselves. They also collect old glasses to be sent to other countries to be given to people who may never be able to purchase a pair of glasses.

There are many organizations that are created by people who just want to help out the less fortunate by raising money through fund raisers and donations. These organizations list themselves with the government as non-profit organizations so that all the money they collect is tax free and can be used for the purpose of helping others. They report twice a year to the government on how much money they spent and how it was spent to remain a non-profit organization.

The State and Federal government offer training programs and offer employers a discount on their taxes if they hire a disabled or bling person. This encourages businesses to hire people with a disability. Blind or visual impaired persons are often provided with special equipment by the government so they can return to the work force. Some of these include; brauke typewriters, phones that talk and speak each numbers as dialed, transportation expenses to and from work, etc.

The US government found they could save money by putting the disabled people to work. They found that it may cost some in training and equipment but this helps support the person and keep them off the state welfare or disability roles. The government realized that doing this lightens the burden because they are now paying taxes instead of using up tax dollars to just sit at home and be non-productive.

One of the great things about America is that it does not allow people to feel they can not help themselves but if able and are willing they will train them and help them find employment. Americas are a very independant race no matter what country they orginated from. They don't give up easily and will fight to be productive because being productive means they can purchase a few extras for themselves and take pride in their accomplishments.

I hope you like this article. I wish your country would help its people and give them a little more respect. I am writing to three people from your country and they all want to come to the US. I wish I could bring them over but that isn't possible so I am praying that your country starts to become productive and that your people obtain a better quality of living. Take care and God bless you. Jane

visual loss - ztráta zraku
disability - invalidita, handicap, neschopnost
non-profit organizations - nevýdělečné organizace
tax free - bez daně
accomplishment - úspěch, výkon, schopnost
by Jane Custer - USA, has a BS in Communications and loves writing

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