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February 25, 2000
Foxburg river

Pennsylvania and the states that neighbor it were hit by a snow storm and cold weather. The cold weather and cold created ice on the local rivers. The Alleghney river that flows through Parker and Foxburg was thick with ice and did not melt as the ice on the Allegheny river did as it flowed through East Brady.

The ice made the river look like a field covered in snow not a river covered with ice and snow. The only time you would notice the difference was where the water had managed to break through the ice and lay on top. The iron bridge that crosses into Foxburg had ice piled up against the supports but as the weather eased it broke away.

Foxburg river ice

The biggest fear was of flooding. Both Pennsylvania and West Virginia were in a flood watch. People in Pittsburgh and surrounding communities were flooded when the ice broke loose and brought the water crashing into their towns and homes.
Iron bridge

The pictures included are of the ice on the Allegheny river between Parker and Foxburg has not melted yet even though the ice in the lower part or the river toward Pittsburg is gone.

by Jane Custer - USA, has a BS in Communications and loves writing

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