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Celebrating a Black American

January 25, 2000

The United States recognized Martin Luther King by setting aside a holiday just for him. Who was Martin Luther King? If you look at American History you will discover that slaves were brought from Africa to work into the Southern cotton fields. A Civil War was fought and the slaves were freed but their freedom was limited. They had seperate public restrooms, seperate buses, seperate schools, and low paying jobs. They were treated as second class citizens and often beaten and killed because they wanted more from life than to live in slums and obtain equal pay.

Martin Luther King campaigned for equal rights for the black man. He asked why they were treated differently just because of the color of their skin. He went into every state and demanded equal rights for his people. He said he had a dream that one day all men of all races and colors could live in peace together. Martin Luther King was killed because a white man didn't agree with him and instead of causing the black man to be persecuted it awaken our nation to the way the black race was being treated. Laws were passed to give the black race equal rights concerning education, housing, and equal pay.

Their is an organization of white people who still persecute the black man but now they are punished if they burn crosses on their yard or do a violent act against a black person. This organization is the KKK (Ku Klux Klan). It was started in the South and is now trying to find support in the North. It is a legal organization that can recruite new members but they must be careful of how they critize the black race and other races they consider not worthy of living in the United States.

United States is a free country yet there are limitations to that freedom when it can harm others. United States is a nation of many ethnic races and each has a right to their freedom. We are a strong nation because of so many different races making it strong.

I have a favor to ask of your readers.

My father told me about a Hungarian miner who used goats to pull the coal cars out of the deep mines. I have been trying to discover if this was an original idea on this mans part or it was a common practice in other countries. My father said that other miners were using ponies to pull the coal cars out of the deep mines then later went to motors and pulleys yet this man continued to use his goats. My father said he had a great deal of respect for this Hungarian miner because the miner said how foolish the other miners were to use something that did not give milk, or could be eaten when no longer of use. The Hungarian miner said he had milk to drink and make cheese with, the skin for gloves, then he could use the meat to feed his family. A very intelligent man and it was a shame that other miners weren't smart enough to take advantage of this mans intelligent solution especially during the Depression.

I would like an information anyone has on using goats in mining. You can print my email address so they can give me any information they may have.

by Jane Custer - USA, has a BS in Communications and loves writing

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