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Christmas shopping season

November 21, 1999

Thanksgiving Day begins the Christmas shopping season. The stores start decorating for Christmas shortly after Halloween. Artificial trees are decorated. wreaths are hung up in displays to be sold, garland is strung around the shelves and across the ceilings as well as other Christmas decorations.

Thanksgiving Day is considered the first day of Christmas shopping. The stores are crowded by people who have just received their Christmas check (they put away money each week in a bank Christmas club account) from their bank or savings account so they try to find bargains before all the items are picked over and they don't have as wide a selection of gifts to chose from.

Another reason so many shoppers are in the store is because their is a Thanksgiving Day parade on television followed by sports. Since most women don't care to watch sports they go the malls to shop for Christmas decorations and gifts. The stores encourage their shopping by putting a lot of items on sale to encourage customers to come and spend their money.

The first week of December begins the outside decoration of homes. At this time you see homes covered in lights with candles in the windows. Some homes go all out and have frames made of shapes than cover them with miniature lights at night when the lights are on these take on the shape of deer, sleighs, Santa, etc. Trees are covered with lights and if a home doesn't have a tree they will take wires and make the outline of a tree then add lights to give the impression there is a tree there when the lights are on after dark.

Next month stores will set up Santa booths for the small children to talk to Santa. I will try to take pictures of some of the decorations and Santa booths once the start to show up in my area.

My favorite decoration is probably the easiest and less expensive to make. A paper bag is filled with sand then a candle is set inside the sand inside the paper bag. You must be careful not to let it touch the bag anywhere. You light the candle and it glows through the paper bag sending a light out into the otherwise dark night. Many people use these to light their sidewalks and drive way during the Christmas season. They send a soft welcoming light out to all who pass by or enter their home. Sometimes the most simple decoration is the best.

Hope to send you some pictures of the malls and shoppers next week. I will also try to get some pictures of the type of items they sell and how they decorate their stores for the holiday.

by Jane Custer - USA, has a BS in Communications and loves writing

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