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Introducing Mili

November 14, 1999
Maliha Suleman

Namaste to all in the Czech Republic and elsewhere!

I am really glad that I was given a chance to be a foreign correspondent for a very informative web site. But what thrills me more is that there are several people there reading it and learning to communicate better in English.

My name is Maliha Suleman (just call me Mili) and I am from the country of the magnificent Taj Mahal-- India. I was born in Bombay but reside in Oman (a small country in the Middle East). At present, I am a sophomore (second year) journalism major at The Texas Christian University.

Amongst my several pastimes, I treasure art, music and dance the most. I absolutely love the ocean and enjoy snorkeling. Travelling is another of my favourites and I have been to places in India, several cities in USA, Germany, Amsterdam, France and a few destinations in The Middle East.

Go ahead and email me any about any of your concerns in English or anything at all that’s on your mind. I’d be glad to help in any way I can J

My email address: malihas@hotmail.com

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