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Duncan introducing himself

November 1, 1999

Hello from Britain!!

Greetings from your new British correspondent! Allow me to introduce myself: I'm Duncan. I'm a 25 years old. I live and work in a small town called Crawley in southern England. If you've ever been to Britain, they you may have come quite close to Crawley - it is only 2 miles from the international airport at Gatwick.

In my free time I like to study languages (French and German) and keep fit (swimming, etc). I also enjoy writing to penpals from all over the world (some of you will already know about this!).

So what will I be doing for you? Well, over the coming weeks, I'll be writing about Britain, the British, English and anything else you want me to write about. To suggest a topic you can write to me at dareid@btinternet.com and you can visit my home page at www.btinternet.com/~dareid

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