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Linda introducing herself

November 1, 1999

This is Linda, your roaming reporter from Michigan. I live in a small town, around 5,000 people, but it is definitely growing by leaps and bounds. Of course we did our share in helping the population growth because we have 8 children (all grown), and 14 grandchildren. Over the last 6 years we have "adopted" 6 (exchange students), from around the world also. These young men have become a blessing to us, what with Henrikki from Finland, Angel' from Spain, Daniel from Slovakia, Marius from Lithuania, Oleksiy from Ukraine and now Roddy from Scotland. Each one unique in his own way, yet very much the same as any other teenager.

As time goes by, I would like to introduce you to our culture and our quirks here in America, in the hopes that we can make this world a much smaller place and you will feel at home when you visit this page in "our Magazine".

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