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A Visitor in the Night

The speaker tells a story about leaving the window open while staying in a small hotel in Africa.
Recommended for intermediate students.

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Length: 2:13
Speed: Slow
Accent: General US

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More difficult words in the text:

own vlastnit, mít
screen zástěna, přepážka, stínítko
pot hrnec
pan pánev, rendlík
thief zloděj
crash zřítit se, třískat
robe župan
scream křičet
laryngitis zánět hrtanu, nemoci mluvit
shove down srazit dolů


1. Why did they want to sleep with the windows open?

2. Why were they worried about leaving the windows open?

3. How did they construct an alarm system?

4. Who was the intruder who crashed into the pots and pans?

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