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Problems with US Education

The speaker describes her disquiet with the US educational system, and explains why it is not good for many children.
Recommended for advanced students.

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Length: 4:44
Speed: medium
Accent: General US

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More difficult words in the text:

track into zavlést, vmanipulovat
conducive přispívající, prospěšný
constrained stísněný
gear towards vést směrem k
score uspět, mít úspěch
disturb rušit
vocational education odborné školství
stratification rozvrstvení
ditto dříve uvedené, stejné jako předtím


1. Why did the speaker spend a lot of time thinking about the way education is run in the United States?

2. What does she think about the emphasis on becoming a well-rounded student?

3. How does vocational education work?

4. Why does she suggest that the kids think of themselves as bad students?

5. How does she think most teachers teach in classes with problem kids.

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