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Idioms 8

1. To play ball - přistoupit na něčí hru, vyhovět někomu, aby nevznikly potíže
He was in a very tricky situation, he had no choice, he had to play ball.
Susan didn't like him at all but she had to play ball.

2. Out of the blue - náhle, nečekaně, zčista jasna
The news of the air crash came out of the blue.
Nobody expected it two days before. It came out of the blue.

3. Body and soul - dělat něco s velkým nasazením, tělem a duší
John loves surfing the net, he is committed to it, body and soul.
I love going abroad, I'm a keen traveller, body and soul.

4. At all costs - za každou cenu
It's a very difficult exam but I have to pass it at all costs.
I want him to pay the money back at all costs.

5. To come clean - říct pravdu, přiznat barvu
James finally came clean about the last party he had been giving over the weekend.
Everybody thinks she should come clean.

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