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Idioms 5

1. To turn the clock back - vrátit se do minulosti, posunout hodiny zpět
I wish I hadn't said that. If only I could turn the clock back.

2. Cold comfort - slabá, chabá útěcha
Being rich is cold comfort, if you have no family.
You know that Peter's house was entirely burnt down. The insurance will pay everything, but it's cold comfort, of course.

3. Somebody's days are numbered - něčí dny jsou sečteny (v práci)
He has been rude to customers too often; his days are numbered..
I shouldn't worry about Sally too much. Her days as head of department are numbered.

4. A drop in the ocean - něco malého, co nemůže mít vliv; kapka v moři
Whatever help we give will just be a drop in the ocean.
John's debts are huge - and even if we gave him all our savings, it would be a drop in the ocean.

5. To make a go of something - dovést, přinést něco k úspěchu; rozjet něco
Don't be afraid to make a go of it.
Let's make a go of it - we have got a chance.

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