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Have Fun 8

Advice & Recommendation

"Doctor, do you think I'll live after the operation?"
"Sure. But I wouldn't advise it."

Daughter: "Tell me what do you think makes a marriage successful?"
Mother: "I think you'd better ask your father. After all, he made a more successful marriage than I did."

Mother: "Why don't you give your husband a divorce?
Daughter: "Are you really suggesting that I should divorce him now that I have supported him for more than twelve years?

Mother: "Eat your spinach, dear. It will put colour into your cheeks."
Johnny: "Who wants to have green cheeks?"

"Doctor! Doctor! I think I need glasses!"
"You certainly do, Madam. This is a fish and chip shop."

Daughter: "My doctor told me to take two of these pills on an empty stomach."
Mother: "Did they work?"
Daughter: " I don't know. They kept rolling off in the night."

Where do you get trees from?
The tree shop. They have branches everywhere.

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