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Phrases to Remember 2

In this section the words indicated in bold are worth remembering because they are often used in everyday language. They include special structures, phrases, idioms, and some proverbs.






"Why did Sheila leave her job?
"Oh, anything serious?"
"The boss got sick of her."

Smart Alec: "How much is this melon?"
Greengrocer: "50p."
Smart Alec: "That is very expensive."
Greengrocer: "You can buy half the melon for 30p."
Smart Alec: "O.K. I'll take the other half for 20p."

Teacher : "I hope I didn't see you looking at someone else's exam paper, Willie."
Willie: "So do I, Miss."

Why are vampires so unpopular?
Because they are a pain in the neck.

Juliet: "May I have a fried egg."
Mother: "With pleasure."
Juliet: "No, with chips!"

Patient: "Doctor, doctor! I keep thinking I'm a horse."
Doctor: "I would like to cure you but I'm afraid my fee will be very high."
Patient: "Don't worry about that. Yesterday I won the Derby."

Teacher: "Did you know that Columbus discovered America?"
Molly: "To tell the truth, Miss, I didn't even know it was missing."

"I say, you've got your hat on back to front."
"Mind your own business. How do you know which way I'm going."

"I saw you kissing my sister last night!" said the boy to the confused teenage lad.
"All right, all right! Not so loud," said the youth.
"Here's fifty pence to keep your mouth shut."
"Gosh, thanks! Wait a minute and I'll give you twenty pence change."
"Twenty pence change? What for?"
"I like to be fair," said the boy, "and it's the same price for everybody."

Neighbour: "Do you think your son will forget all that he learned at college?"
Father: "I hope so - he certainly can't make a living by kissing girls."

Ronald: "My great-grandfather fought against Napoleon, my grandfather fought against French, and my father fought against the Americans."
Rosemary: "It seems your family can't get along with anybody!"

Mrs Brown: "Your son keeps thinking he's a cat. You ought to have seen to."
Mrs Jones: "I did, and the vet says he's in perfect health."

"How far is it from here to the station? asked an English tourist."
"It's about a fifteen-minute walk," answered an Irish local, "if you run like hell."

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