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In this section the words indicated in bold are worth remembering because they are often used in everyday language. They include special structures, phrases, idioms, and some proverbs.






"I hate paying my income-tax."
"You should be a good citizen - why don't you pay with a smile?"
"I'd like to but they insist on money ...!"

A passer-by saw a small boy reaching up and trying to ring a door-bell. He stopped and rang the bell for the boy.
"Thanks, Mister," said the boy, "now we'd both better run for it!"

Teacher: "We start at nine o'clock."
Student: "Okay with me - but if I'm not here, you have permission to start without me."

Johnny: "Keep your dog away from me!"
Jack: "Don't you know the proverb 'A barking dog never bites'?"
Johnny: "Yes, but does your dog know the proverb?"

When a Very Important Person came to the house, little Penny was allowed to take him a glass of sherry. She handed it to him and then stood there watching him.
"What is it, Penny?" he asked.
"I want to see you do your trick," she replied.
"What trick is that?" asked the guest.
"Well, Dad says you drink like a fish."

"Mum, what is a vampire?"
"Shut up, and drink your soup before it clots."

clot srazit se (o krvi)

Costumer: "I'll have a hamburger, please."
Waiter: "With pleasure."
Costumer: "No, with pickles and onions."

"Stop acting like a fool."
"I'm not acting."

Driving instructor: "I think you'd better slow down."
Learner: "But I'm allowed to do 30 miles an hour in this area."
Driving instructor: "But not on the pavement."

Teacher: "I hope I didn't see you looking at someone else's exam paper, Willie."
Willie: "So do I, Miss."

"It's raining cats and dogs."
"I know, I've just stepped in a poodle."

"Doctor, I keep thinking there are two of me."
"Could you repeat that, and this time please don't both speak at once."

A diner in a restaurant called the waitress.
"This potato is bad," he complained.
The waitress picked up the potato and knocked it hard.
"You bad, bad potato!" she said severely.
Then she put it back on the plate.
"There," she said. "if that potato gives you any more trouble, just you let me know."

Elsie: "I'm homesick."
Joan: "But this is your home."
Elsie: "I know and I'm sick of it."

Teacher (on the telephone): "So you say John is too ill to come to school?"
Voice at other end: "That's right."
Teacher: "Who am I talking to?"
Voice at the other end: "This is my father."

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